Monday, November 3, 2008

The Woolgathering

It is a true saying that a girl can't do anything well unless she has help.
This especially pertains to me and Woolgathering. I thank every one again for all the help they offer, and of course it is always the same set of wonderful people. Maybe they know I'm in charge of who goes to hooker heaven.

We had a wonderful turnout and so much fun seeing everyone's first rugs. Some took that literally and brought the first rug and some brought smaller pieces typically made when we start. It was also fun to hear who are the "typhoid Marys". Though not too glamorous a designation they really do spread the word of hooking around where ever they go. There were several mentions of the same people, Elaine Allerton, Freda MacDonnell. And then of course the family ties, rug hooking really spreads laterally and vertically through family trees.
One thing we did note is the FADE factor. Several rugs were down to the lightest of pastels. On the flip side they were still vibrant and beautiful.
The sun is not our friend.
Though some dyes are more prone to quick fading, all fabric no matter the dyes will eventually fade.
This is why it is good to use stronger colour than you might want, it is also good to dye over already dyed wool especially when dyeing BLUE.

One thing I like best about Woolgathering is the wealth of diverse projects. Rarely do you see two people working on the same or a similar project.
I took some very bad pictures, on days like that I should be cloned. But I will send them out soon bad or not.

Our next program is more of a contest, Who has the most unfinished rugs ?
There is a prize.... if you think you're a contender head our way April 4.

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