Friday, November 28, 2008

Hook-in update ( partial ) and scrappy orientals

Yesterday was hook-in and though snowing ( as it has every day for two weeks) many came out. I wasn't able to take photos of every one's projects due to a camera battery crash.

Nevertheless here are some of the wonderful projects being worked on. Sandy, who was making a little lamb on a hill side, Lorraine, who is working on her exquisite house portrait, and Erin who is recreating a photo she took of a wonderful close up of a tree are missing. I hope to post these projects next week. These artists are a wonderful inspiration.

Judy's Scrappy Oriental

Shirley's Scrappy

Barb's Robins in a birdbath called Girl Tawk

Jane's Love Poster ( made entirely of nylons with linen backing due to wool allergy)

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