Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Confessions of a Hooking Teacher

It is a fine line we tread. On the one hand I want to make a living.
On the other I truly love what I do and want to share the wonder of the hooking experience.
Can both exist ?

I heard today farm workers just won the right to collective bargaining .... that was a surprise to hear such a thing needs legislated in this day and age.
There was a debate how paying more money to the workers would bankrupt the farm owners and no one would pay the price for food if the workers were paid properly. A caller stated , if food prices are cheap, someone is paying somewhere along the line.
I guess it is the farm workers in this case. The farm workers also stated in no way were they after mom and pop family operations but more interested in commercial type farms.

Most of us hooking suppliers and teachers are mom and pop operations.
Mostly just mom.
We moms have a long history of doing for others and not thinking about the value of the rich services we provide.

Imagine the farms with no one to harvest.
Imagine our tables.

Imagine the rugs I could be making if I wasn't teaching.
LOL --- what I really mean is:
Imagine proper pay for solid skills, richly and freely given.
Imagine what we could learn.

Just a note: teen age babysitters make per hour than the average hooking teacher.

Rug Hooking teacher hard at work

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