Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to read your colour value comfort zone

Every one who uses colour belongs to a certain group.
The Sisters of the Light

The Ladies of Dawn and Dusk aka The Fence Sitters

The Daughters of Darkness

Use a digital camera set to take photos in black and white.
Take photos of your rugs in black and white.
Look at the values that show up.

Use this scale to judge where your rugs sit.

If your rugs are mostly on the top range of the scale you are a Sister of the Light.
If you are mostly using middle range values you are a Dusk and Dawn - Fence sitter.
If you have mostly the lower end of the scale you are a Daughter of Darkness.

Now take another careful look at your black and white rug.
Can you see all your motifs ?
I bet the answer is no. It's that way with most of us.
Because of our friendly, comfortable and supportive value group we don't use the full range of values. This means mean very dark and very light ( used in comparison) in the same rug.
This creates a rug of low contrast, poor definition and low interest for the viewer.
You will notice my demarcations on the diagram only run the range of about 5 values. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.

Learn who you are, fight your inclinations, make rugs of distinction.

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