Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I made today

I met a person who accidently felted her favorite sweater.
She was sad, I told her I would make some thing nice out of it for her. Last winter.
This is the first day I've had I could do it.
I really enjoyed making this.
I hope she finds it useful, it is lined and has an inside pocket.
It is remarkably sturdy.
And very retro, Donna , do you hate this one ?
We have a history of bags....


  1. All I can say is bitchin'. I'm sure the-girl will love it.

  2. For all of you Wanda fans out there - I am the sad girl that lost my favourite sweater, but alas! It has turned into one of the most BEAUTIFUL bags that I have ever seen... and it's mine!
    I love it so much! love it love it!
    Thank you wonderful Wanda woman!