Monday, November 3, 2008

Measuring wool

I recently had a terrific question, how do I measure wool for dyeing? I have to say accurate measures of wool result in successful dyeing sessions especially if you use formula books.
For the most part teachers and wool sellers use the same methods of measuring and cutting

I noticed this is a hard concept to grasp sometimes in dyeing classes and if I'm teaching my intense 1 day class I have all the wool prepared because this can take an hour to get down pat. When I first started selling wool I kept samples of 1 yd, 1/2yd, 1/4 yd, 1/8th yd and 1/16th yd and 1/32 yd with labels on them so I could refer to them when I needed to be sure.
Now it is old hat.

Measurements of 36" along the selvedge edge then clipped and ripped gets you a yard of wool.

Measuring 18" inches along the selvedge edge is 1/2 yd

Fold the 1/2 yd, matching the selvedges together, clip at the fold and rip gives you two 1/4 yds.

Folding the 1/4 yd in half so it is still 18" long, clipping at the fold gives you two 1/8th yds.

Fold 1/8th in half so and clipping at the the fold gives you two 1/16 yd.

If you fold the 1/16th in half so it is still 18" long , clip and rip you get two 1/32 yd

Here is a diagram to reiterate if you are a more visual person.

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