Monday, November 24, 2008

Look - how rich is this ?

Take a good look at this painting.
I want you to look for repeated shapes. One shapes plays an important role here, which is it ? Which is the secondary one?
Look for a repeated colour, orange.
Look everywhere, look carefully.
Look how cleverly orange's counterpoint is used.
What about dark darks ?
How about the light ?

Is that a mirror or a window..... does it matter ?

Look at the lines..... how are they framing ? How are they informing us where to look?

If we were to recreate this would our rug hooking lessons tell us this would be too "busy" to hook ?
Let us make space ( depth ) in our rugs with the skillful tools used here.
Let's not be too hasty to edit and more invested in blending an array of principles and elements of design to create what ever we want, depth , light, interest , emotion, mystery

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  1. Wanda ~ I have been reading your blog a while now and love the lessons that you share. I just added a link to your blog on mine so my online friends can learn from you, too.
    You have a very discerning eye ~ when I looked at the picture, I saw it as a whole ~ you see the parts ~ our lesson for today! And I love the hydrangea ~ adding the dark made all the difference! Thanks for sharing ~