Friday, November 21, 2008

The Whole Idea

I am in the tail end of 24 hours spent completely alone except for my siamese girls and some serious snowfall.
Very nice.
Brain is connecting one thought to the next to another and yet another. This is something I like.

One thing that has been coming to mind when I have these quiet minutes is the concept of the whole idea.
Last night I noticed how a great many TV shows are showing us this trick.

You might find my taste in Tv a little suspect or downright strange but I love watching American Chopper, LA or Miami Ink, Project Runway. What might those three have in common ?

Well the obvious is they are all making something.
The more subtle and important thing is they are working to a theme.

They have a focus and when decisions need made they go back to the theme.
Project Runway is a bit of a special case, it can be a Whole Idea - how not to do it - example. I can't tell you the number of times contestants completely ignore the weekly directives given by the hosts and then are surprised when they fail !

On the other shows their livelihood depends on their ability to listen to and deliver what the customers wants.
What they accomplish when working to their whole idea is wonderful.

All three shows are creating in areas where you 'd think everything that could be done has been.
Yet the creative talents still bring home the fresh bacon.

Tips hookers can use from TV

Have a theme , let everything in a hooked piece support that theme.
Things go wrong, so what, let it be a catalyst for learning, growth and ultimately CONFIDENCE.
MAKE A PLAN, you don't see Kat VonD just inking up somebody without researching, drawing and giving herself an outline to go by.
Have a goal/ vision for what you are creating and remember that when you choose your fabric and cut.
Adlib within your plan- don't get fixed
If you have a block revert back to what you wanted your creation to be, it will get you back on track
Add your own twist to old methods.
Reorganize your resources, are you sure you are seeing fully what your wool can become ?
Get help- outsource when you need it.
Have a supportive environment
Don't take things personally- that's straight from American chopper - Paul the Elder is NOT good at stress management and the whole shop would be snivelling in the bathroom all day if they paid serious attention to him
Don't get into a bitch fight with your rug , straight from Project Runway
Look at things a new way, straight from LA Ink

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