Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Down to Business

Looking for patterns is one of the things I do. In rugs, in stones, in behaviour, in life .
As observant as I can be with others I some how fail to see what I'm doing very clearly.

I have noticed:
I hook eyes or symbolic eyes in everything I do.
I like my coloured things to be in spectrum order.

I read a lot of fiction when I'm worn out. Then I read non- fiction then I set to work on making projects.
Looking at my list of books just read I think I'm about to embark on the non-fiction part of this late Fall journey.

I feel the making coming on, I think if I lay my head on the rails I can hear the tracks singing.
Just must remember to left up my head.

What patterns can you notice in your work or life?

Write them in !

Here is a little rug I just hooked using my swatches in two articles : Swatch Switch in RHM , just have to hook the leaves.
It is full of eye shapes aka hydrangeas.

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