Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tickling My Fancy

Just lately I noticed a trend in advertising of all these wonderful expressive scrolls and vines growing out of products in advertising. I love them ! So organic and wonderful and faintly Grimmish.
To see an example

This was clip art and I am acting like a complete pirate because I cannot find the reference for it in my notes. I don't know who did it and cannot give them credit, I'm ashamed to say, but I wanted you to see it so I'll being going to cyber hell any day now.

I posted it here in all respect not for use by hookers but to educate us to see what can be done with the skilful use of value and saturation in a piece of work.

If anyone objects to the posting of this picture please let me know.

We are frequently worried about making things too busy.
You can clearly see here busy is balanced by open free non specific space ( no colour, no action).
Look at the depth reached by applying underlying motifs but in duller colours that are also lighter: a weaker version so to speak.
What tickles your fancy these days ?

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  1. Well Wanda, Cyber Hell isn't so
    bad - been there, done that.
    LOL Jo