Sunday, November 8, 2009

Woolgathering Report !

It was a bright, sunny , warm? day here in Ontario for Woolgathering yesterday.
I didn't report until now because I'm tired out.
It's a good tired though, my leg behaved and my laryngitis wasn't too bad. We had people come from about 10 different hooking groups.
Our program was Hidden Talents.
It was amazing what people brought to show us. Everything from stumpwork to quilts, singing to heart shaped rocks ! I felt gratified to see the
other sides of these wonderful people who come each time to Woolgathering.
There were wonderful door prizes and lots of happy hookers.
We had a few new people come from our area as well as some from further away !I love when we have newcomers, it vivifies all of us to see what terrific things you are making.
I can't thank you enough for coming out and sharing yourselves.
I also can't thank the people who helped me put this meeting on enough either. It is only due to you and you all know who you are that I'm able to make this work for one minute.

We saw lots and wonderfully varied rugs.
Here is one made by Vivien Tolton of Markdale, Ontario, I love how she varied the leaves and berries slightly, it really make a unified over design. More tomorrow !

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