Sunday, November 1, 2009

Patinated Pewter Revised

I had noticed several people telling me their patinated pewter did not look like mine. Sometimes these things happen due to many reasons... but this time the fault is all mine !
Running out of Patinated Pewter caused me to remake it.
As I did I took photos and wrote down my actual measures as the first one was a happenstance event I took a stab at.
I found I needed twice as much yellow.
1/4 tsp yellow
1/32 red violet
1/32 turquoise
Now the wool should look like this in it's shallow pan

Then I added blue by using a chop stick dipped in Majic Carpet Blue (which is weak) stir the chop stick around in the dye bath in one
place. Do this six times in six different spots
Then add 2/32 tsp black. If you have any questions please ask. Now we are all on the same patinated page!


  1. Hi Wanda- could you describe the ,ize of your chopsticks, whether it is wet/dry, wood/plastic, how deep you put in the dye etc? Thanks. Susan

  2. Hi Susan !
    I have the regular type of chop stick, ones from a restaurant, wooden,( I worry about the plastic melting when I use them while dyeing in the frying pan) I poke the chop stick in about 1/2 inch with this recipe.
    I hope this helps.