Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inspired Yarn !

A few days ago while we were picking up our range hood in Toronto we went to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection on the way home.
I got to see a new set of paintings I hadn't seen before but I'll talk to you about all that and show more Woolgathering rugs and news in the days to come.
I frequently like to let the Group of Seven, the featured collection of the gallery, which touts itself as the spiritual home of the Group, inspire my dyeing.
I was able to buy a book which had many additional works I had not seen published. MORE WOOL ADVENTURES AWAIT !!!!
It is called the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, by David P. Silcox.
Pictured above you see the dynamic painting The Happy Isles by Arthur Lismer and my wooley interpretation ! I'm crazy for this painting !


  1. How great to see the yarn next to the painting. It's got everything in it and is simply beautiful as is. Well done!

  2. Oh Wanda...this is lovely!
    Makes me want to warp the loom and weave! Brings back memories from many years ago, painting yarns with some wonderful women...thanks! ~Laurie

  3. What great colors!!!
    I love the yarn...yummy...
    The painting is really lovely....
    The book must be amazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing