Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Phenomenon

We find a stupendous beautifully appointed place we go to see and meet and eat all we can of anything we want for nothing.
We have NEVER seen the like let alone belong to such a place.
We gorge ourselves on all manners of delights, we meet amazing people, we admire them,they admire us, we sup together, we take joy in the splendid, delightful and groaning buffet arrayed, we are very thankful to the provider, chefs and servers. We are glad and feel blessed to be part of such an arrangement and show appreciation every chance we get. We have never had it so good.
A Beautiful Crow enjoys a free buffet

After awhile slight unrest sets in. Why are the servers using those table cloths, my fork is dirty, I don't want to sit by so & so, where is my dessert, I want to take mine home, can't we have two meals a day, could you come and pick me up so I can come, don't tell me there are no rice dishes today, I don't like green peppers, why are you not giving me what I want?
This stinky thinking continues, escalates and expands.
The servers get thanked less and complained to more. Even though they continue to do everything just as they had and are even doing better than before with quicker service, choicer cuts and fresher vegetables. The chef and provider gets no or little thanks at all.

It takes time for this to evolve and it is a bit of a virus. Other people catch the misgivings. The marvelous arrangement is taken for granted and then quickly slides into being a source of irritation. Familiarity breeds contempt. Contempt grows demands.

How can such a marvelous thing be the cause for any kind of vexation?

I dreamt of pearls last night. Pearls of joy and wisdom coming from irritation. I wish for you the same with things that vex.

Enjoy your holiday and remember, be thankful. It's hard sometimes but it always bears peaceful results. Graditude, yeah that's the stuff rich lives are built on.

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