Wednesday, November 25, 2009


They all say change is good for you and change is really the only constant in our lives.
Recently my most visited grocery store had a rejuvenation. You know what that means... you can't find a damn thing and all your favorite brands are not on the shelves because they are only stocking 40 kinds of yogurt instead of 75.

I found I was irritated and discombobulated slightly as I tried to get my goods. And of course I knew this 2 month long process had started up in late October so I was getting right down to only lentils and lima beans left because I wanted to avoid this very feeling and situation.
Then I had a sort of redress midstream. What in the dicken's was the problem anyway ? I decided I was going to have fun on my "hunt" for red tandoori powder, ground sumac and whatever else I needed.

That brings me to the subject of changing visual things up to refresh and re-energize our surroundings.
Sure, I like things to stay the same for my ease and convenience. But I realize as time goes by when we keep things exactly the same, in routine, in our surroundings, we become stultified.

When you come to a website and the same info is on there after a year ( guilty as charged on or the layout of your favorite magazine doesn't bring any surprises, YOU WILL GET BORED.
Even if you don't want to you will.
It is in our hunter gatherer nature to crave shifts, to look for something different in our field of vision. This yields harvest. That means survival. We want that ! Artists need to think about survival too. It's important to embrace changes as well. Stimulate all your senses, you have 6 of them. Have a treat for your eyes, your skin, your ears, your nose and your tongue, don't forget about your heart.... loving is the most important sense of all.


  1. Hello Dear Wanda...once again our thoughts must be mingling in space...even tho' I've been swamped with other committments this past week...I've spent many hours re-doing my website graphics...and cleaning out the cobwebs in our nest.
    Take a peek when you can!
    Wooly hugs ~Laurie

  2. Wow, i had this same typewriter as on that photo (from my great-grandfather) and 2 days ago i changed it for one another (from my dad). Erica, no Royal (typewiter's names). It's such a strange thing to find in the Internet my own typwriter (when i changed it) with txt about changes! :)