Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heavy Weather Coming from the West/Beginning Dyeing

For sky watchers November has to be the best month.
We had blue skies, hail and sleet, snow and a perfect sunset all in one day.
Standing down at the bay you can see sky for about 180˚
At five in the north we saw amazing blue sky with cumulus-nimbus towers with lit pink tops that changed to lavender, then mint green with an basement of steel blue. Traveling toward the east a whole new panorama awaited, the sky was dark with a fog of deep shapeless clouds and you could see that snow was falling from them somewhere to the south. Further to the west the sky lightened and you could see low layers of pink blue and lavender clouds also lit up by the sun, it was a beautiful panorama!
Too lazy to get my camera or a coat for that matter I have no pretty for you to view. Sorry
This is a weak and wanting photo of the effect I saw in the sky tonight but it will give you an idea of the sky to the north.

It was hooking day and we had a tiny turn out, where have all the hookers gone ? Where ever they are I hope they are happy and healthy.

Erin talked of wanting to learn to dye and I gave her a list of necessary materials.
It was surprisingly short.
wetting agent
a flat pan
a pot

We all talked about what stops people from dyeing.
Worrying about ruining wool was high on the list as well as making a mess.
I have only ruined one piece of wool by trying to bleed out some dye, not paying attention and letting it turn into a slime chamois.
Notice I wasn't even dyeing ?

There is indeed a mess made and time is involved just as there is when you learn anything new.
But it is so worth it !
Your rugs will be so much more YOU if you are dyeing the wool !
I think the best attitude to take if you are a rank beginner is one of fun and experiment.
Make sure you dye a sample of your dye colours when you get them.
This way you will know the "flavours" of them. Strong or weak ? Bright or Dull ?
You'll have a visual to judge them by. Oh yes, that blue is weak compared to that red violet. I will have to double up on one and cut the other in half to have them be the same strength.
You will be so informed !!!
I would get 2 or 5 yds. of wool and just play and play. Record what you do with samples pasted beside your notations.
It is a far better investment than to buy a dye book. You are creating your own.
With your methods at your house, you will be better able to match up what you've done.
Have a super night.

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  1. Glow, woman, glow! Your writing has a lovely lyrical quality lately. White skies in southern England again....I think I'll stay inside lest I fly away. Enjoy Woolgathering...wish I was there to share. Jean Schroderus