Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I saw RED and orange

Yesterday I was pepping up my line up of reds and oranges.
Not willing to tap into any bolts I worked on reconstruction !
I just used the reds and oranges I had already dyed on the shelf.
As usual there were no darks, plenty of mediums and lots of lights... why is everyone afraid of the light ?
The colour red is a naturally dark one. If you dye a light red it really looks horrible and isn't very useful for us. I as able to create some beautiful medium reds and some amazing dark ones. It always surprises me how much dye you need to over dye some textures.
As I ran through the pile to cull out those I wanted to re dye I tried to choose duplicates of things I had lots of.

I used a very simple method to dye. For the reds I used RED but lots of it. I mean over a 1/2 yd I was using about 1/2 tsp over already dyed wool. I could not believe how wonderful these turned out. I also used red violet over some of the reds with stunning results.

For the oranges, I did the same thing, ORANGE and lots of it. I was so impressed and frankly more pleased than if I started from scratch with natural. What lovely colours I have now and a full array !

Cathy ! You go ahead and give your gift, you don't need anyone's permission !

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