Friday, November 6, 2009

T'was the night before Woolgathering

I think I've got everything.
If I don't well.... that's why I tell people if they want something they should let me know so I'll be sure to bring it. I hope I'll see you tomorrow at Woolgathering !

Talking of bringing it, I just got a couple of new books of interest.
Graphic Design- The New Basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Philips
This is a great book about all the things we need to know to make a design as well as perfect those we buy. There are excellent examples and plenty of info to kick up our work to the next dimension and I'm not talking about devices such as proddy.
Is there anything more exciting than providing a 3D effect with good use of colour !
I tell you it excites the becheezis out of me !
Here is a quote from
In this design primer, Lupton and Phillips represent graphic design basics for 2008 with profundity and clarity. The text reconsiders principles from the Bauhaus legacy, but in tune with current digital tools and culture. The approach is systematic,
rigorous and brimming with postmodern inspirational examples from professionals and students. Finally! I’ve been waiting for the celebratory return of formal language to design dialogue.

I also ordered The Daily Book Of Art. It starts right off with the principles of design and you know that makes me ecstatic. I scooped the following from Amazon ! I know I'm really going to enjoy this one ! A daily bath in ART !!!!!!


In today's fast-paced world, creative people are as eager as ever to pursue their artistic passions, but many of them simply don't have enough time. Catering to this modern dilemma, we've concocted the perfect remedy for over-burdened artists. The Daily Book of Artincludes a year's worth of brief daily readings and lessons about the visual arts that entertain as they inform. Ten exciting categories of discussion rotate throughout the course of a year, giving readers a well-rounded experience in the art world. From color psychology and aesthetic philosophy to the proverbial argument over whether elephants really can paint, art-starved readers will encounter a broad range of inspiring subjects. The book also features a ribbon bookmark so readers can keep their place throughout the year. The ten categories of discussion include Art 101, Philosophy of Art, Art Through the Ages, Profiles in Art, A Picture’s Worth 200 Words, Art from the Inside Out, Art Around the World, Artistic Oddities, Unexpected Art Forms, and Step-by-Step Exercises.

About the Authors

Colin Gilbert of Laguna Niguel, California, is a freelance writer and photographer with a degree in philosophy; Dylan Gilbert is a freelance writer, musician, and art aficionado. He lives in Los Angeles, California; Elizabeth T. Gilbert, of Laguna Niguel, California, is a writer, editor, and in-house artist for Walter Foster Publishing; Gabriel Guzman of Montreal, Canada, is a martial artist and computer programmer with a penchant for art in everyday life; Rebecca J. Razo is a writer, editor, and poet with a degree in English and a background in 20th-century British literature; Amy Runyen of Los Angeles, California, is an art instructor with a master’s degree in fine art. Sharon B. Robinson, of Long Beach, California, is a freelance writer and independent curator who works in the Curatorial Department at the Orange County Museum of Art. She has a master’s degree in art history; David J. Schmidt of San Diego, California, is a freelance journalist, translator, and extensive traveler with an insatiable thirst for art and culture.
I'll be reporting in depth on Woolgathering tomorrow !
Until then happy hooking.

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  1. Happy Woolgathering!!! One of these days I will make it to Owen Sound........I am hoping for the Spring. Enjoy your day - sharing ideas, creativity and friendship.