Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seen and Heard

Walking in the rain provides its own delights. You want to be properly attired though so you can be comfortable.
Things you don't notice in the light are luminous in the rain. We were walking on a smoother part of The Bruce Trail to take it easy on my ankle. I noticed a type of moss or lichen (I decided I better find out for you what I was seeing ! According to this site it was a lichen )/i//Web_Roof_Algae_Moss_Lichen_1.jpg that was glowing in the dim light of it's surroundings. It was growing low to the ground on tree trunks in each case and was very flat. What I couldn't get over was the silver shining quality of it among the duller forest colours and how wonderful it was. Oh to bring those qualities of light into our rugs. It is only the play of colour and is entirely possible all we need to do is open our eyes and see what is there and be brave enough to replicate it.

On the heard front, there is a great discussion going on on The Welcome Mat about people's experiences ( the best and the worst without names) on the teaching front in rug camps, workshops and classes.
The opinions vary from don't talk about that to people wishing they could hear the names if they were good.
When I posted the question I added:" the best of times and the worst of times ... all in the same room" Nothing could be more accurate, I can have people sitting side by side hearing the same things, doing similar work, having the same amount of help, one will say I'm the best in the world ! LOL and the other will say, NEVER again , the worst in all the world !!!
That is so informative to me. You can have such a range of reactions can it really be all you in either case ?

There is really no standard for teaching. There are standards for getting a certificate, they have little or nothing to do with have skills to work with humans or educate fellow adults.

There is no system for beginning teachers to get a foot into teaching in rug schools and camps.
There is no system to avoid the cult of the "well known" sage on the stage.

The rubric to run camps is a financial one. There has to be a bottom line.
This does not always create a good environment for learning or teaching. I get paid the same as someone who hands out a sheet of paper and spends the rest of the day talking privately to students. Why is there no reward for good teaching in this system? There is quite a bit awry in the rug hooking teaching arena. I feel I cannot continue to support it as it exists.

After careful consideration I've excused myself from traveling to teach.
It's hard on me. I'm not an easy traveler.
I really have to pull up my boot straps to "bring it home " for the students.
I want to give the class my all when I'm there.
This costs me a lot, mentally, creatively and physically.
In terms of economics, the above costs, nothing is worth it.

I'm continuing to teach here in my studio. If you want to learn what I have to offer, I welcome you. I'm teaching dyeing several times a year, a beginner and a mentoring class. I'm teaching about colour, but in a way never heard of in rug hooking before. I'm showing you about how you use colour and how you can use it better. I'm a tool and skill building teacher. I teach people about creativity and frankly you can come here and learn whatever you want. I will also convene a class for you and your friends if you want it. I also teach teachers how to be more effective and push them to greater heights in their expectations of themselves.

Yes it costs more than usual, but not more than going to rug camp. You are in a small class 4 to 6. You are in charge of what you learn. You are in charge of what you do or don't do. You are the boss.
That is priceless !
Look at www.wandaworks.ca for more info on the 2010 scheduled classes soon.
But don't forget you can also book your own !

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  1. Hi Wanda,
    Just little ol' me here in this remote neck of the woods where there are no rug camps, teachers, etc. I've never experienced a class save for the online creativity class last winter you so wonderfully taught. I don't have the money or means right now to travel to you but I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could. I would like to be a teacher to give someone the gift of rug hooking. I would also like to be paid a fair days wage so I can eat and pay the bills. I worry that I'm not experienced enough to teach. Please keep writing here as you are my mentor. I don't intend to ever get caught up in the bureaucracy of popular rug hooking schools, teachers, etc., but would like to think I have something to offer the known rug hooking world as it exists. Thank-you for all you do. Especially for being an honest and forthright voice! Will you be offering online classes in the near future? Blessings! Cathy G