Sunday, November 1, 2009

Surroundings, down right inspiring !

Scenes from The Garden- Thea and Chris' handiwork on the pumpkins.

The car hurdles down the road, lashed by wind and rain. The sky is a study in steel and royal navy, light and shadow. The last of the leaves have fallen from trees and are cast over plowed fields, corn rows and rocky fences in a perfect spume, a triangle shadow shape angled north west. Confetti of fine glory soon to be forgotten under a blanket of white.

The fields and swamps are topped off with caramel and cooked apple grasses with chocolate studded cat tails. Right at the road edge the striking striking short new growth of green grass stands out like poison.
Every colour looks differently than it did the day before in sun and dry. The vistas are longer without leaves, the colours more exciting against the foil of the opposite coloured sky.
They say change is good, and I embrace that, but I do lament the shorter days ahead. Let's make the most of the light while we can.

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