Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Pleasure is Easily Tripled

One beautiful dirty formula- three colours of wool, natural, tan, grey, so easy so much fun.
So good for your rug's vivacity too, start doubling and tripling up colours you dye formulas over.
This lovely formula, Older Rose, will be featured in the MAM issue of Rug Hooking.

Speaking of tripling... I will be dyeing in that issue with the three main dyes of rug hooking, ProChem, Majic Carpet and Cushings and this will continue in future articles..
Each article will be divided into three sections with special colours invented from each company.
What fun!
 I will have 15 dyes from Cushings and 15 from ProChem that will be used over and over.
Have a great day!

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