Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Glue and Why You Shouldn't

Dear Readers,
This is a cautionary tale.

In a great hurry to meet a deadline many years ago I glued this rug to a piece of wood.
Yes, how terribly short sighted.
I don't always want that rug mounted on wood for ever. Wood has acid in it, it is harsh and will eat away wool if left for a good long time. Bare wood and wool should not commune long.
Wood should be sealed very well with several impenetrable coats of something or other, I think you can get a can of that at Home Depot.

So I ripped the rug off the wood after the deadline was met.
Just like waxing legs, quick and against the direction it grew.

Here is the back of the rug

Once I ripped the rug off I was left with a thin 2 inch margin to do any other type of finishing work.
And it was pock marked irregularly with hard glue areas no needle could penetrate.

I was able to fold (under with the help of pliers) in the glued areas and stitch the rug backing down.

A long time rug tape loather I created a 1 inch wool strip that I applied over the scutty glue areas so when it sold they wouldn't rub the finish off floors and walls.

Not perfect but serviceable. Like most good things in life.

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