Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Show Case

 Here are my colours from my current This Old Rug Series including some Cushing Formulas
These are terrific flesh colours
Get the recipes here

 Here 's the stuff of my winter wardrobe.
I plan on some innovations of the splice skirt in wool and denim and some delicious applique doings.
Saturday is also laundry day and you can see my present wardrobe fits well with the future one.


Just arrived some wonderful bulk weight yarn ready to dye with and some delicious greens.

I got quite a bit of spinning done during the Studio Tour 

 And replenished ( LOL no real need for that, I'm fleeced and fibered to the max!) with this lovely merino and bamboo mix.

Here is the wool of the week for sale on The Mat , just incase my gray scale life style of low saturation lapse you into a coma!
It is made with the Point Method, a wonderful way to dye these sparkling transitional wools with opposite colours, method by video inside the Mat! 

Oh and I read this book from the Library, the title is a misnomer if I ever read one, about the wonderful passages women go through after they are 50. Inspiring for all! I bought my own copy to read and reread. Go here to get yours.

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