Monday, October 1, 2012

Shibori Dyeing From The Mat

Aren't these enough to brighten and cheer any day?
These are the dyeing of Debbie Schrang (top) and Lucy Richards (bottom) just a couple of the participants in my internal dyeing studio on the Mat. They just sent in their homework for checking and answers of they had questions.
Everyone is doing a fantastic job. I'm so proud. Lucy has this studio, go have a look.

From time to time I offer classes in The Welcome Mat at reduced prices for members on dyeing and hooking. I'll be starting a class in mid- October in my Wanda Works online dyeing studio ( open to everyone)  Look here for announcements.

Are you interested in the formulas I created from The Old Rug  series 1 and series 2? I'm using Majic Carpet dyes for these and you can purchase them here. They make fantastic flesh tones.

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