Tuesday, October 23, 2012

David Wheatcroft Antiques

It is safe - I only look at things that are already sold.
Look a these wonderful rugs:

 This one is not hooked but sewn. I love the fun placement of colour and the richness of them. I wonder are the triangles flag codes? Is some message being sent?

Interesting events on display here.... going down a waterfall in a canoe, up sh-- creek?
I would love to know the story.

I just love the  trees on this one, very simple and artful.

And now for something completely different- game boards. The colours are inspiring me for a Dyeing Matter Column on The Welcome Mat in Dreary November. Some years I just feel the need to kick November's Donkey. I wonder will this be one?


Oh this lady? She just showed up with her ravelly seams that are on the outside of her coat. This happens sometimes, no worries! She does not know David or me.

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