Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Skies - Dyeing

This recipe is called Cold Sea but it's variations are great for that stormy fall sky look.
One nice thing about this recipe is the colours are fairly simple and can be converted to other dyes with not too much difficulty for close results. 
If you are using Pro Chem Wash Fast Acid Dyes use only 1/256th  Turquoise, National Blue and Black as they are.
If you are using Cushing's Acid  Dyes be aware the black leans towards violet, you might want to add a touch more Turquoise, use Blue as directed. 

Over 1/4 yd of wet natural wool with Majic Carpet dyes using the dye bath method.
1/16 tsp. Blue
1/64th tsp. Turquoise
1/64 tsp. Black
Dissolve these together in 1/4 cup of boiling water and top off to 1 cup with cooler water.

I did something special today to help you get good light blues which can be difficult.
I measured out 1 tbsp. of the Cold Sea formula and placed it in the dye bath with 1/4 yd of wet natural wool. I processed this colour without adding acid.
After the dye bath cleared I placed the wool into an acid and water bath, 8 cups of water 1 tsp. acid.
Here was the result of that tablespoon of dye recipe over 1/4 cup.
Cold Sea Light.
Next I poured the rest of the dye into the dye bath and added another 1/4 yard of wet wool.
I present the results: Cold Sea
I processed it the same way as Cold Sea Light.
The tbsp. of missing dye will not make a visible difference if it is added to the whole, so if you don't want a light from this dye session just use the whole cup of formula.
Making light blue is difficult so I urge you to take this opportunity.
Happy dyeing! 
 Please spread the word to your hooking friends that I'm now offering a mostly weekly dyeing column on the Mat. It's content will not be the same as my Colours to Dye For column!!! And I'm there to answer your questions!

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