Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Learning New Things

I know I'll look back at what I made someday in the future and either want to die of embarrassment or wonder at the very least "what was I thinking"??????
This my friends is learning.
In a nutshell.

You gotta start somewhere, you gotta travel along a knowledge trajectory and it doesn't end.

Long story even longer?
Here we go.
I needed a poster.
Anything I've used in the past to create such a beast is no longer working on my computer system which is two steps behind as it is.

I thought longingly of the past when I could just whip up a cut and paste craziness and photocopy it and call it a day.

No this time, this poster needed to be available to all sorts of people to download and use.

WAHHHH. I said that because I love glue. But not with fabric, only with paper and the like and by the way have you travelled down the glue section in Staples lately? Glue has come into it's right adhesive place due to scrap booking. I was in heaven.

I realize just made the story longer didn't I ?
I better send you a pretty picture because of your sufferings.
This is a dyers triangle from my time travels to the 1800s, more about that in days to come.

And now back to what I learned.
I spent a very long time trying to figure out how to make this poster but I think it turned out OK. Let me know if you find it the least bit pleasing.
This, of course, is not the real card but a jpg of it, if you need the real one just let me know and I'll send it to you. I know you are keeping a scrap book on me titled I Knew Her When.... or is it called Case Study 409? You might need the poster for that.

It will get bigger if you click it, my butt has that option too.

I made a card too for distribution.
And today I made this movie preview of the Mat because there is no more trial thus sayeth my advisory counsel. Now you can see what up in there in case you feel like this:

"Curiosity", Eugene de Blaas

Take a look at the video or share it.

That's enough of non textile work, I'm off to dig my finger into some wool!

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