Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you were a rug

Today I asked on the Mat if you were a hooked rug what would you look like.
I think I would look like this.
This is an Kerman rug from here inside Rugs on Time where they are having a wonderful extra 50% off sale.
I know this is not hooked, but I wanted to tell you about this sale and it looks like me. Curves, sharp points, lots of darkness, passion, going off in all directions, a little bit of light. wonky edges with a fringe. 
Lots of colour inspiration for rug plans At Rugs On Time too.
No shipping, no tax, it is the best deal for Canadians to warm up their homes.

Hmmm if I were a hooked rug I think it would look like this!

Okay I admit that is probably the worst joke I've ever made. I apologize!

If I was a hooked rug here I'd be:

What about you?


  1. Girl, you are so funny... And there is nothing wrong with your hair!! What kind of rug would I be? Wouldn't want to BE A RUG, but wouldn't mind laying on a bearskin rug with Brad Pitt!

  2. Anita! You are too funny!!! LoL who needs the bearskin? Have a great day!