Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Wanda - Advice to the Nail

Make a hook from a nail, more instructions here
Read my advice to a nail

I think what happens is most cannot separate a thought or opinion from a feeling.
When you speak out or I do for that matter we are examining ideas and doing so baldly.

Most people want their ideas all done up with fancy ribbons and bows and couched in terms that will not ruffle a hair.

They feel attacked by baldness and so will attack you.
Very childish.

I wish I was there.
I would have said:
To have a dissenting opinion is not a threat but a blessing, to see how something might be viewed another way is a gift.
Treat this gift giver with respect.

Yes, time wasting - think of what could be done with your heart and soul if your brain and brawn, hands and tools can be set to explore instead of defending.

You are good, positive and have a healthy attitude towards life.
That alone will create waves.
The standing nail gets hit.

Do great work today my love as it is the best revenge.
All my best, 

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