Sunday, July 31, 2011

A good trend in clothing

Have you ever noticed lately summer wear for women depends largely on exposed and low cut bodices? That if one looked carefully or moved injudiciously all could be revealed. My friend Joanne and I spent all yesterday afternoon jerking our deep Vs right and left and north.

I know they have those undershity ( whoops ) that was a typo but how appropriate - undershirty things but they just increase your temperature and if they don't do that they help you resemble a tightly encased sausage. Yeah, they really plump when you heat 'em.

I had to go somewhere and a glimpse of cleavage was neither wanted nor welcomed. But it was very hot and I need to wear one of my summer outfits and they are my only kinda new clothes so what could I do?
See Solution below

I has recently bought several hankies on Etsy, they were random individuals sold in sets.
I needed to give the new Mrs. McCallum something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new, the hankie fit the first three! Jackpot!
But I have lots of them leftover. I gave a plain one to Owen, one to Man, to Nessa, but still I have a passel of them.

I thought, if only I could affix this here hankie right between the girls my problem would be solved. I used bobby pins to attach it either side to the war horse I use for a bra and it stayed intact all afternoon!! I felt cool, and underexposed ( read modest) but a little "unusual." I had the flat side facing up.

This afternoon we went into a great store in Lion's Head called the Lofty Lion. And lo and behold the owner Kathy was sporting the same look but with the point down and ends up like a guy would use in his tiny pocket. (Man does not like it when I called it that)
We are starting a trend. Do you want to join? On a side note I scored an amazing old table cloth $24!!!!!). See both trend and table cloth below, don't look at my hair though ok? It ain't fit. Not even for deep frying butter.

And not a crack was seen.


  1. Love the look - all "draped" up and now no place to go.
    Embrace "the girls" - lord knows how much I understand the "right-and-then-left-and north" thing. One thing I did discover though - a secret I will share...............often if you adjust the shoulder seam (take it in at the top of the shoulder) it often "hikes" the top up enough and viola (spelling???) the "girls' are gone but not forgotten.

    One can only hope for a quieter week with some lovely sleep. the new project as well - can't wait to see it finished. Peggy

  2. Peggy,
    What you don't like the hanky idea? !!??
    This is a deep problem I've got.
    That shoulder strap adjustment will only work if you have no need of underarm comfort. You just aren't built lofty enough to know about that! LOL
    I was looking for some wool tonight and stumbled on the stuff we dyed. It is going to come in handy!

  3. Hey! Do you have enough of those hankies left to make me a burqua? perfect summer weight and with my new found floral style would look oh so stylish. Cranky has gone viral and has now crossed the Atlantic. Good thing I have quiet neighbors....I am a scary site in the middle of the night on a rant in my jammies! The cops here wouldn't even show up...if they did it would be 3 days later.

  4. Wanda, only found your blog today... I am LMAO!!!
    You have no idea how much I needed that laugh-- I love you!!!

  5. Debra, So glad you had a blast here.
    Jean, your hanky burka is on it's way!