Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today I finished hooking one of my rugs for my series of rugs called If By Water.
And to make it even more marvellous I was perfectly coiffed while doing so.
PERFECTLY ! despite the heat and humidity.
I have about 2 things to change in the rug, (leaf colours need more ooomph) and I'm onto actually piping it tomorrow. I'm not sure what to call it yet but is #12 cut and about 30 X 20 inches.
Ahhhh I feel happy about this and my water is laying down. Life is good!


  1. Picturing myself in a chair on the shore on a lazy hot afternoon in July....great job!

  2. Wanda you really captured the sunlight on the water and through the trees branches. Love the swirly clouds in the sky good! Way to go girl.

  3. What a great job!!! Although this is pretty much my view everyday, I never tire of looking at anyone else's either. You really did capture the light on the water - which is my favouritest (technical term) part.

  4. Love it! #12 cut - wow - I would love to see a close up - or is that a no no?! This is my view from our lake land......

  5. Mother Two!
    If you click the photo it will double in size or you can tell me what you want to see more of up close and I'll take your photos!
    As far as i'm concerned and know there are no nonos!

  6. it - and to think you achieved all of this with a #12 cut. Wide is alive!