Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My prettys- Rug, room and teenagers

I got my pretty Heaven's To Betsy little wools stored in the studio and I tell you, that's a good thing. I do NOT want them running all over, partying and reproducing in the night.
Here 's a little show and tell of my studio right now. I'm loving not cleaning it up. It is so much fun to just have what I want to OUT. All is delicious stuff is available and ready to fondle and roll in if the mood strikes.
Nobody knows but me and now I guess you, but don't tell ok?
Here is my #2 If By Water all done and ready for it's last pressing. See how it is curly on the bottom? Just like my hair! I rejigged the sandy area and made it deeper as well as making my other changes previously mentioned. It was deeper to begin with but I got all smart on myself and whomp before you know it I did a dumb and took it out by 2 inches. When it was shorter it was making the viewers perspective too high. I am low down in the dark wood , peeking through the scrum of short shore junk. And it looks more like that now. I sure hope I'm not pulling a dumb right now!

"Light By Water"
#12 cut on Linen
30" x 20"

I just broke these two outta jail where they spent the last month charged with assaulting a nightgown. I paid a hefty fine but I heard from their parole officer they are gonna sew on the straight and narrow now. It's all worth it. They are 17 years old and you know, it's a tough age.

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  1. Your studio looks great to me - at least you can see the floor - unlike in MY studio! LOL