Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To Air or Not to Air

I dream of cool air today

I think summer is upon us.
It is humid and hot here.
With all the hard work behind us and two months of free time ahead Man and I are getting down to some serious "project " time.
I have 3 rugs to hook.
I don't like it when it is hot.
But without hookers coming to the studio each week this summer do I really need to put the air conditioner in?
It seems wasteful for just me.
It is nice to have one cool room in the house to retreat to. A "safe from sweat" room.
It is nice to hook in relative comfort and didn't I hear just yesterday on CBC radio that it is best to learn and think during cooler weather during a discussion on eliminating the long summer break from school?
Cool air will tempt me more to go to the studio. ( If I have any more temptation in there it will burst at the seams)
I think what I really want is a hooking buddy down there.
Maybe I should dress my air conditioner up to look like a person....
We've already had a few dances together while I was trying to get it in by myself. It weighs as much as a person, all it needs is a face. It could both be my buddy and cool me down. A perfect confluence.

I think this debate has a clear winner, the air is going to be cooler in the studio, selfishlessly just for me.

Post card from the studio: the weather is cool, wish you were here!
Love, Wanda

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