Monday, July 25, 2011

What's In A Sorting?

Today lovely bits of wool came in the mail for me. I love having little pieces and mixing them together for flesh and fields and fur and frivolity and Heavens To Betsy helps me to achieve these desires handily with their remnant bags.
I ordered three so I had 6 lbs of wool with no repeats. Truly Heaven for me!
Here they are:
They are beautiful aren't they?
It is hard to imagine exactly what is possible with them though and so I set to sorting them according to colour family. Suddenly a a world of wonder opens up!

Have you ever tried sorting your wool this way? It reveals a treasure trove and lets you see the values more easily too. Colour Play .... is there anything more fun.
Off to the washing machine I go to wash them!

Weather Update
I meant to tell you I'm wearing a wool sweater today and so happy in it.
Oh did you just say I should be dyeing for my upcoming spot dye recipe column while it's cool?
(You know it's not polite to point out others shortcomings right?)

Here is a note from Man.
When mudding the drywall added moisture in the air from wool dyeing is not required.

I guess I'm off the hook and holding it in my hand instead.

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  1. Those bundles look delicious! Thanks for telling us about Heavens to Betsy - I wasn't familiar with them. Have signed up for their newsletter.