Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Web- It's about hair

It was something like this, read ahead for full disclosure.

I'm sitting here waiting to go the bank downtown, I have to wait until the business center there comes back from lunch. It means no lineups for me and if there is one, a chair to park it on.
Well worth the bleventy bleven millions I spend to have a business account.

I thought I'd write you about another web I got caught in yesterday, I couldn't even leave the house. Brace yourselves 'cos this is about my one vain point, you know it- my hair.

I know ball caps were invented for a reason but I just can't bring myself to cover up crazy hair with an even dumber chapeau. I could go for the gusto and swan around in one of my wedding hats but I'm was just not feeling it.

Yesterday my hair did look like the wrath of some spiteful god. Too lazy fix my hair to even go out for my mother's milk, Hagen Daz ( and boy did I need it) Man took pity on my ugly head to go fetch it in. ( Will this obessesion with chocolate& peanut butter ever end?) And then I wen to bed again with out taming the beast.

Was it curly ? It looked like a curling iron that hated me was at me all night.
Was it sticking up? I think I'd welcome that.
Was it flat? yup but only on one side...
Did it have a big old starburst bed head side? OH Yah, showing off my thin spots.

By the way I need you to know that if my hair on my head grew 1/2 as fast as the hairs on my chin I'd look Crystal Gale after missing one cut.

But it doesn't so here we are.
A woman trapped in her house by her bad hair. Is that not pitiful?
To top it off my dear friend and I had a video conference this morning. I saw her first, looking like a movie star on the red carpet .... she said I can't see you.... I said there is a good reason for that...
but I let her see me anyway because she said she was my friend.
The sight of it blinded her. Struck blind.

I cannot inflict myself on a single other person this way so I got 'er done and fixed it up.
Now when I look at myself all I can hear is Mrs. Thea McCallum saying mommy you should do your hair like Paula Deen.
Heaven help me I now know it is time for an intervention. I'm getting closer everyday.

See? Sick innit?


  1. Wanda,
    Nothing like a bad hair day everyday...... I know it's not the most flattering style but I've found a good way to deal with hair crazies is to wrap it up in a bun..... but then I suppose you would have to grow some first!
    Truly I think you would look smashing in Paula Dean silver! Cute style too!
    Shaved heads are in style if you have noticed but don't go there!
    Your post has me LMAO!!!
    Cathy G

  2. We do scrub up well! This made my morning. Look at you......the Goddess of Rug Hooking! Rest assured if you start looking like that Paula woman I will fly over on my broom and shave your head! That first picture on the page looks suspiciously like me yesterday morning before I had a tidy....I should never have taught Smurf how to use my camera!

  3. Oh hair...During our recent move, I found my old baby book. And in EVERY entry, my mother wrote about how I would never be able to do anything with my hair....I wasn't even a year old! And she was right...I've never been able to do a thing with it. Ha!

  4. i'm with you on the chocolate and peanut butter ice cream - no finer thing has ever been made. luckily it causes me massive amounts of intestinal pain to eat it (TMI? sorry), otherwise i'd be barn-sized.

  5. Debra, was a curse laid upon you in the cradle? I hear those can be removed by a fairy godmother , I think Clinton is his name.

    Jean, if you promise to fly over and shave my head I'll continue on my Paula quest. Strangely while in my teens someone of the same name saw fit to imitate me in all ways, a weird turn of events I'd say.

    Allyson, you lucky , lucky girl, can you give me a blood transfusion?

  6. Paula's cooking and Wanda's hookin. I do like her silver/gray do...I think she should go to Wiarton with her hair people, then barter a hairdo for some time in your studio!