Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Rug/Hair do/ Just when I think I can't be surprised

Today upon the suggestion of a friend I cut my hair. I often cut my hair. No one can tell OR they are too polite to say your hair looks like a haystack that rats chewed.
I have to say Paula Deen be gone now.
Even though Mrs. McCallum's birthday is this week-end and she is coming home and it is her fondest wish.... I did it anyway.
And yes I'm wearing clothes, just not that you can see and upon looking at this picture I can see Paula is kinda coming out there on the right. Man asked how I did that, hair cut he means, not channeling Paula Deen and I told him I just stick in and start twisting and cutting. It seems like a good way to do everything and frankly that's how I hook too.

My new rug:
My new rug is coming along loverly. I can't show it to you right now because only me and maybe the keeper of the Cadbury secret could tell what it was. As soon as it is more cohesive I'll be showing you.
One thing I don't do while hooking my rugs is get all the stuff I need out for the whole shebang. I also use tons of different things to create one. So that's why there is no close to black wool of any colour left in this house and I do believe I'll be dyeing some more.

Speaking of dyeing... finally the day came when I have an article due. So today I dyed 15 spot dyes. In the oven. It was 29˚C, humidex ... bleventy bleven. Number of trips to an inferno- 1

I got it done though and they are all lovely though only 12 will be for RHM, the rest are for the sharing on the Welcome Mat.

Now it is time for me to tell you about my secret hobby. I'm collecting rumours about myself.
The first rule is I must find them out coincidentally. I can't go looking nor can I ask, nor listen to those who only want to tell me these rumours because frankly what people think or say about me is none of my business.
Rule #2 There are no other rules.

Here is the latest from the ministry of misinformation.
"Wanda is so sick she can't even leave her own house"

How interesting. I guess they've got more info than me on the subject, but I do seem to find myself surrounded by other scenery than my 4 walls on a daily basis. Today I actually thought I walked 7K around the concession, was at the movies, I imagined the whole plot of something called Cowboys and Aliens and I thought it was good even though Daniel Craig is too skinny. I went to Walmart, I went to the Source. I saw 7 egrets on the way home.
I ate the groceries I got at Walmart for supper, I can still feel them in my belly.
I must be totally freaking effed up, way past sick right onto crazy.

The legend grows. All comments are welcome of course. I relish them.


  1. Hilarious. Except for the fact that I had to Google 'Paula Deen' as I'd never heard of her. OH BOY! Maybe it's me who has an illness that keeps me from leaving the house?? (Oh, I forgot, that is called 'obsessed with rug hooking'!) Can't wait to see your new rug and wish I had also seen 7 egrets today. They always make the day more special, don't they?

  2. Some people are just ssssssssnakes.