Sunday, July 31, 2011

On your mark, get set, GO

I'm ready to run with this project now. If only I could get up out of one chair and make it to the other.....
Yesterday I got settled in with my newest rug project in my If By Water series.
I think it is pretty big, 50 by something or other but I'm using my usual #12 cut I love so well and it will go quickly as long as I stick at it.
I'm starting with the figure in the front, you can see my wool ( I'm perilously close to peach here) there on the chair arm for it, my visual aid is on the table.
I got a 1/8th of a yard hooked in and I'm liking the darkness of course because of my proclivities and my involvement in the Johnny Cash dress alike contest.

Now if I train people not to stand at the top of the stairs and yell things down to me as I hook that I can't hear and must get up and go to the stairwell to discern, I'd be very happy and much better able to have continuity.

I'm feeling a bit rough today truthfully and I'm easily annoyed in this state.
For two nights in a row (unprecedented) there have been all night noisy carrying on sessions. Well, it sure feels like all night.

Friday 2:00 am suddenly an drug and alcohol induced soccer game breaks out in the old high school field, this is not a silent game and I can see it from my house. There are many players, each with a possible career in opera if they so desired. They play for a solid two hours ranging up and down the field, the noise level waxing and waning accordingly until, finally the police arrived. The players went back inside and were quiet for a lovely hour or so until before light they decided to go home and bid each other a sportsman like good bye with much ribald and raucous banter. Note to players: get a muffler instead of car speakers bigger than my bed.

Saturday 9:00pm
I'm so tired I chose to go to bed very early, I can't keep my eyes open. I just get into bed and to sleep when a war starts up on the other side of the block. It is very common to hear few random fireworks during summer weekends. They are low powered and don't reach any great height. These alarming pyrotechnics were the industrial kinds usually set off on barges, with permits, and trained lighters well away from any dwelling or old hookers fast asleep. This was no burning schoolhouse set of backyard fireworks fun.
They went on intermittently for about 45 minutes to be capped off with arrival of several guests in mufflerless cars with even bigger stereo systems who NEED to drive around the block without ceasing. Then there was music and hilarity 'til 3 am. And then around 5 am a rolling thunder storm with much lightening topped off the sleep interruption service with gusto. I know you wish you had been here, such a good time!

And now this morning we are all cross. Kitties, me and MAN.
I hope our exhaustion and newly heightened startle factor don't create fireworks of another kind, I'm just too tired to get the water bucket out.

The moral of this story: Old hookers can't be up all night anymore and still feel good.

It will be a double nap day for sure!

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