Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 7 What I almost couldn't make today

Another power outage almost prevented me from making today's project. We heated supper in the wood furnace !! I can hardly wait for my gas stove. Wonder what is going on with Ontario Hydro....
But just in time the lights came on and I could do my creating.
Here are the things I was inspired by : ( they were made by the wonderful Jeanne Langston, ( star ) and another wonderful lady who goes to Caraway rug school, if you know who it is write in ! I'd love to give her the credit for being so inventive with that heart shaped brooch.

Here is what I made

We had a terrific class today, Pam got ready to do her cats paw rug which she drew, placing circles that she will make more organic by starting in the center of the circle with a wavy shaped spot and continue to hook out from.
Debbie was preparing and finishing off several stockings to give as Christmas gifts. She made the cuffs a variety of colours of similar values, it worked up magically !!


  1. Wanda, I LOVE your heart. May I copy it and make one for myself? Is it hooking strips sewn on wool? It's sooo neat.

  2. Hi Sheri,
    Sorry I can't give you permission to make this heart because it is somebody else's intellectual property. If I was eating folic acid like I should be I would remember the person's name who makes these and let you know so you could ask her. She goes to Caraway Rug school and was selling them at Market day. You can go ahead and make the star as I did though. Strips are the least appreciated creative medium going, you can knit with them too.