Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 30 , Thinking of fabric buttons

Today I was thinking I'd like soft wool decorative buttons for my shawl or bags or what ever I'm making so I started experimenting with that idea.
I had some thick felt, I upholstered it with kimono silk, added a needle punch element and did some embroidery on it.
Thea says it looks like an expensive cookie or chocolate!

Make sure to be making something on New Years eve to show the new year who 's the boss in the the creating time for Creating Dept.

Finishing Fridays... that's my resolution, using part of every Friday to finish my mile high pile of hooked rugs, they are hooked just not bound.

Just so you know Jo... I'm wearing last years Bed sweater.... that's just where I'm heading right now !
January 4th, is Sunday class day, are you coming ?
We'll be glad to see you. Cost $20. Goodies and beverages served.

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