Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 24 What I finished today

Merry Christmas All, I wish you all the best and safe travels tomorrow if you are out on the roads.
Today I finished off many SECRET things, and in that spirit I'm showing you something I was working on quite a while ago but started to complete on my Embellisher.
I want to alter the tree in the middle and make it shorter and add a bird which I have to create when I'm not so tired, I also broke my first needle ...... will make this part of tomorrow's project and I plan to knit tomorrow also.
Something really grand about everyone being so grown up !!!
I had tried to make something out of roving and a beautifully dyed nylon, BUT IT WAS TOO UGLY FOR WORDS let alone a picture !
Look yonder at something with a sliver of potential....

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  1. That piece has a very peaceful look to it. Is it a place that you know or did it just evolve? I truly enjoy checking out your blog to see your artistic creations. I hope tomorrow brings you a relaxing day of crafting and pleasure. Merry Christmas!