Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 25 What I made today!

I hope you all had a lovely day. It was very busy here as I'm sure it was for everyone.
Here is our tree with the created ornaments from my challenge this month.

Children have returned to their homes with bellies and hearts full.
Though not created today..... Here is a picture of the two best things I've ever made in my life!

Here is Number 1 modelling her Granny gown which was my big secret project all this week.
It practically turned into an pre civil War ball gown !
She loved it.

I received an addi king size knitting machine from Germany and had time for only a bit of fun. I knit a totally ridiculous band and made it into an impromptu hat fit for a clown !!!

Will post more exciting things in near future.

I did some remedial work on my scene from yesterday and this "photo booth " in my new computer really helps me see what's wrong.
Trees too much alike, going same direction with same height !
I thought I wanted to add a creature but I don't want one now that I fixed up the tree. BTW - it is easier to machine felt something together than it is to remove it. I think I made my sky a bit dirty with the dark threads that were hard to pull out.

To answer Lauri, this is a familiar scene in my area, where we are surrounded by marvelously blue water and lovely escarpments. You can see the escarpment from both sides of Colpoys Bay this view looking east from my side of town. Very peaceful indeed. I like to work from photos, they don't move !!!
Tomorrow is clean up day in the studio !! It is about time !

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