Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 29- Dye Job

The other day I was at a great recycling store for clothing called The Patch.
It was BAG day , you buy a bag for $20 and you fill it, I'm am an expert at filling the bag.
Especially with cashmere sweaters, for my " bed sweaters", I'll explain that later.

I found a sweater that looked like Christine would wear it ! It had various textures of sweater sewn in strips to make the front.
BUT the colours were not Christine.
Here it is in the dye pan.

With dye in it.

All dyed but still wet.

Christine it looks a bit like the desiree cassarole dye !
It was from the bottom up
Aljo Dark Red
Majic Carpet Red Violet twice for rich impact.
Majic Carpet Red with Majic Carpet Yellow pored over it.

Bed Sweater: cashmere or mohair or angora or merino sweater you wear over your night wear all night long because you have a wood furnace that doesn't last all night and sleep below a window. A must have for the fashionista in 2009.


  1. Love the new colors on the sweater and love the idea of a 'bed sweater' ~ how cozy!

  2. LOVE IT! Desiree to wear--what fun! Adds another dimension to the phrase 'wearable art'. THANKYOU!