Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 31, Mother of All invention

Yes, necessity inspired me tonight.
I usually use a piece of paper money for my book mark but Nessa (#2) commented on its decadence.
So tonight when I was pooped out from all day running about ( I saw Donna ! just back from Halley's very first movie ! )
and I thought I couldn't possibly make a thing I remembered I should get a book mark not worth stealing.
So here is my book mark with tails and beads made on the embellisher.

This last installment winds up my make a thing a day project.

I did enjoy these minutes of making each day and I confess I would have copped out many a night if I didn't have you holding my feet to the fire or rather my promise to you. So thank you for this opportunity. I will be glad not to have to make anything tomorrow , though I may do so because I'm in the discipline of doing so now.

I found frequently even though I couldn't think of a single thing to make if I came down to the fertile field of my studio and dug my hands around in the dirt and seeds so to speak , something would grow. A weed, a flower, a tree, a blade or maybe good wholesome food for some other adventure later , no matter the outcome of this digging in, it was all worthwhile toward the effort of invention.

Especially the popcorn !
Happy New Year Everyone , to health, laughter, good cheer and endless visits to The House Of Invention.


  1. Happy New Year to you my inventive, miraculous, wanderful friend. May 2009 be full of health, inspiration and creation.


  2. Good morning, Wanda ~ Would you consider posting all of your projects together in one picture? Your idea of a project a day was very inspiring and hopefully, it will encourage me to be more creative on a daily basis! Thanks ~

  3. Christine !
    Thank you for all the good wishes.This is going to be a make some majic year for me, I feel it coming on.
    I would consider posting all my making except I don't have them all. By way of explaining, I'm pretty much about the activity and not so much about the end results and that goes for my hooking too. I get all involved in in venting ( pun) and don't really care much about things after. So they have evolved, gone to other homes and further adventures.
    Are you planing to create a thing a day or week ?
    I highly recommend it !