Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 4 - What I made today .... My podcast

Hi ,
 This podcast involved 6 long days of labour..... to hear it click on the red title Day 4 What I made today .... my podcast
You heard it here first !
 I hope you enjoy it and I hope I improve a great deal doing it.

Here is a picture of the Eureka Moment ! And no crying or dirty diapers either.


  1. Wow Mom! Way to go! I am so impressed! I didn't know why you were going so insane over the podcast, but now I do! You should have your own radio show!


  2. Wanda Girl - Do I see 'gray, grey' hair?
    YIKES !!! Jo

  3. Oh yes I have many , many gray hairs. More every day, , that's rthe way i like it !
    Showing all my ages and stages.
    I've got crooked teeth too even though my mom paid a fortune for braces to orthodontists.