Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 5 what I made today

Here is a part of the yd of wool I dyed today for a background for a cats paw type rug.
In a giant dye pot..... wet the wool first , have the dye in the dye bath before adding wool. Add acid after the 10 min. point. Heat until water is clear. Rinse thoroughly, hang or throw into dryer to dry.
One part black
One part turquoise (majic carpet )
Two parts blue
1/8th part moss green
1/8th part bottle green

I can hear you right now... what are you talking about you crazy woman ... parts ????
Well, here is the story.. I dyed a yd. so my basic part was 1/8th tsp.
You might be dyeing a 1/4 yd so for the same value you would need to have your basic part 1/32th tsp.
Ratios are so much easier to expand or contract.

Go forth and create you amazing beings.

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  1. Dear Wanda
    Your posts of the last few days have been so inspirational AND informative. I'll be heating up my dye pans later tonight. Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement. Your blog is #1!