Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 10 What was created today

Tonight I am TIRED. The snow fall has been unrelenting and I was here on my own, so driveway clearing fell to me two days in a row and it was heavy. Then this afternoon Honey asked if I wanted to go skiing.I did. It was good, and I was remarkably energetic but I bet I'll sleep like a baby. I forgot I missed the silence of the winter woods and the tiny sounds my poles and skiis make... that is if I can hear it over my grunts , groans , and heavy breathing.
So tonight I was coming down to clean up the studio for tomorrow's hook in and I spied some stuff I had out to  show Erica about needle felting and I made this toggle button , or ornament, or what ever your imagination can come up with ! Looks like a colourful curling stone ( purely Canadian reference ) It is made from my hand dyed yarn and a white needle felted ball, probably meant for part of a snowman. I plan to do better tomorrow and have a before and after picture of some hooking , you all remember what that is ..... I hope I do !

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