Friday, November 2, 2012

You think it will work.... and it does!

Dianne was hooking a sheep and I had spun the yarn on the left straight from a BFL lamb's first fleece. It is funky yarn with lots of locks and loops and I thought it might be perfect for a sheep and here is the results - so much fun, Dianne you did a great job!

In our bi- weekly classes here at the studio we are hooking this rug:

Hooked by Jane Legge

This is also a pattern reproduced for the members of The Welcome Mat
It is a lovely pattern which can depict day or night, any season and weather.

To get ready for class I took these bundles and turned them into browns

And these became green and blue

Here they are:

What great fun and the rugs are turning out great! 
 Will they have glimmer, glow or glamour?
I'll show you soon.

If you love to redye or over dye I just published an article called silk Purse on the Mat today on a variety of ways to do this and hints on what is needed for those sow's ears.
I also have a overdyeing chart that is not dye company specific, you might love to own.
Results of one colour dyed over another are clearly spelled out.
The relevant info is black out here.
Isn't it beautiful?

It is a bonus for all Welcome Mat members.

The lone pine is a motif I love to return to time and time again:
(notice the table art says love at that seat!!)

What motif do you love to hook over and over?

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