Sunday, November 4, 2012

Proceed With Caution - Dyeing With Kool Aid

Somethings worry me, deeply.
I don't know why. But they do.

Like seeing dyeing instructions using koolaid - who should care?
But I do, I care deeply when you go to all that expense and work only to have the colour in your rug fade faster than the sun on a November day.

It is all well and good to dye yarn this way. Maybe the yarn products will make their way out of a dark sock drawer or deep sweater closet once or twice a week, to be placed in shoes and under coats. No problem!!

Our rugs are "out there" no where near the shadowy closets and drawers, exposed to our number one enemy, LIGHT on a constant daily basis.
Harm comes, wool fades back to natural or the pre-dyed colour pretty quickly,
leaving your rug looking like an experiment in saturation.

If you want to give dyeing a spin to see if it suits your sensibilities and interests by all means try a little kool-aid, it has citric acid right in it, making it a dump in and dye proposition.
But it ain't for people who want lasting rugs and it ends up being quite expensive as compared to dyes made for home dyers.

While I'm on the subject of dyeing will you indulge me another minute? Anything using dirt, rust, organic matter like onion skins, including tea, coffee or juice and relies on wrapping, laying, layering, soaking cloth in any of these objects is 'staining' not really dyeing though both change the colours of an object.

Thank you for letting me lay down my ponderous and heavy burdens today.
Go forth and do both meaningful and good work and please while at it, do no harm to yourself or others.

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