Friday, November 16, 2012

Kicking November in the You Know What

Colour can really let November know you mean business, here is a recipe for you to try with translations to the three major dye companies we hookers use.

 Beautiful wool to hook or create, this is A Star is Born from RHM J/F 2012
Over 1/4 yd natural wool, spot dye method use any bright dyes from any company.
 Poured in spots
 2/32 tsp. Turquoise
1/32 tsp Red Violet / American Beauty/ Magenta
Poured in lines
2/32 Yellow

My English Garden from Rittermere Hurst Feild. This was one of my first 5 rugs as I was hooking several at a time. I learned to dye for this rug.
Jeanne Feild's ShadingFlowers book is the best book on this subject to date.

Spring Lupins with miniature prodding this is a free pattern and lessons on how to hook it that is just a small part of the wonderful options you have to choose from as a part of a subscription to The Welcome Mat

 The fabric I get to play with today from Marcy Tilton and EmmaOneSock.

 My Sprit Moose who directs all currents of creativity in the studio, also a free pattern from you know where and part of a group study we so enjoyed, you should see all the variations! Amazing creativity.

I hope you feel inspired to go forth and create something colourful at your house! 
Hand crafting? There is no life like it.

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