Friday, November 23, 2012

Linen & Handmade

I bet you washed a few dishes yesterday and I bet it was worth every set of dish pan hands.

Speaking of dishes I love tea towels and when I travel I often find lovely ones. On my last trip
I found the most beautiful irish linen towelling in Asheville NC at Waechters and I also found some beautiful co-ordinates of Japanese cotton linen blend to decorate them with. You can buy online from them, the buttons there are amazing!!!

You saw I made a lovely pair of tea towels for Pam and when Erin's birthday rolled around I made this pair for her. 

When I gave them to her I said I didn't feel their whole story was told and could I continue the story or did she think they said enough?
She gave me the go ahead!

  I felt they wanted randomly sized and placed dots that would fray at the edges as the cloths were used and washed.

 Now I feel good when I look at them
And I hope Erin does too.

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